• To Tango3:46
  • Flour & Eggs Orchestral0:30
  • Sentimental Piano no.11:14
  • Fool3:01
  • Happy Whistles0:27
  • Playful Jingle1:34
  • Backyard Rock N' Roll0:48
  • Ethereal Uplifting2:08
  • Collegiate Big Band0:36
  • Stroll Through the Park1:48
  • Game Day Theme0:32
  • Jazzy Quartet1:39
  • Sentimental Piano no.21:12
  • Parisian Street1:40
  • Epic Period Battle2:03

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Moffitt Cancer Center

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Publix Supermarkets
Agency: 22squared
-Self Stoage and Solutions
PDQ Fresh
-People. Story. Food
Production: Momentum
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 Brave Endurance Podcast
-With Host Dr. James Kelley-
Publix Supermarkets
-Bakery Order Easy Online-
Agency: 22squared
Production: Momentum

Marlon Works with Clients to deliver production ready music for a variety of projects.