About Marlon Lang

Custom Music makes a sound difference...

  • Leaving Paris1:11
  • A Kiss1:28
  • I've been here before0:58
  • Writer's Workshop1:29
  • To Tango3:46
  • Flour & Eggs Orchestral0:30
  • Happy Whistles0:27
  • Playful Jingle1:34
  • Backyard Rock N' Roll0:48
  • Ethereal Uplifting2:08
  • Collegiate Big Band0:36
  • Stroll Through the Park1:48
  • Game Day Theme0:32

Born in Toronto. Raised in Florida. Marlon is a composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Having studied classical and jazz guitar from a young age, and working in advertising for over 5 years, Marlon has the skills necessary for telling stories through music. As a composer of film/tv/video games, Marlon continues to develop his unique style. Most of all, Marlon enjoys working with filmmakers and clients to help bring their stories to life. Hobbies include making instruments for the sample software Kontakt.

Marlon's Reel: