Recent Projects

Creative & Commercial

  • Leaving Paris1:11
  • A Kiss1:28
  • I've been here before0:58
  • Writer's Workshop1:29
  • To Tango3:46
  • Flour & Eggs Orchestral0:30
  • Happy Whistles0:27
  • Playful Jingle1:34
  • Backyard Rock N' Roll0:48
  • Ethereal Uplifting2:08
  • Collegiate Big Band0:36
  • Stroll Through the Park1:48
  • Game Day Theme0:32

Custom Music makes a sound difference...

In an industry over saturated with stock music, Marlon works closely with clients to create the perfect soundscape for a variety of projects.

"In this age, Custom Music makes a sound difference." -Marlon Lang